Mayor Sharon Zelazny

Name:  Sharon Zelazny
Office Phone:  218-644-4188
Email:  mayorofcromwell@gmail.com
Term Ends:  2024

It is an honor for me to serve as Mayor of Cromwell.

My husband and I built our retirement home and moved to Cromwell in 2012. My goal as Mayor has always been to improve the quality of life for the people in this community and I try to keep that focus on all that I do. My willingness to get involved in the community and my belief in transparency has enabled me to get t know many of the people I serve. Working together with our City Council, many new and exciting things are happening in our city. If you see me around town, please take the time to come up and talk to me. Getting to know the people helps me do my job better. 

Thank you, Community of Cromwell, for the support you have given me. I'll strive to keep working hard for you. 


 Council Member - Lisa Irving

Name: Lisa Irving
Phone:  218-644-3570
Email: cromwellcitycmlirving@gmail.com
Term Expires:  2024

 Council Member Edwin Raisanen

Name: Edwin Raisanen
Phone: 218-644-3570
Email: cromwellcitycmeraisanen@gmail.com
Term Expires: 2024

About me: I moved to Cromwell in 2006 after retiring with 30 years in the Beaverton school district in Oregon as a maintenance leader. I took over Phil Lippo's term on the council. I am enjoying retirement and I volunteer at our food shelf along with a few other organizations.

 Council Member Raymond Lally

Name: Raymond Lally
Phone: 218-644-3570
Cell: 218-349-7111
Email:  cromwellcitycmrlally@gmail.com
Term Expires:  2026

About me: 
I have been serving the City of Cromwell since 1979 when I was elected Mayor.  I continued serving on the council for five terms (ten years).  After ten years off, I was elected back to the City Council and have been onboard ever since.  I am interested in the mechanics of city government.  My interest is knowing what is happening and helping to make decisions necessary to run the City as best we can.

My background is in health care.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University and a degree in Nursing Home Administration from the University of Minnesota.  I worked forty years as a Nursing Home Administrator and Registered Pharmacist at different points in time.  I’ve been retired since 2010.

I served six years in the Minnesota Air National Guard as a Jet Aircraft Mechanic.  I served thirty plus years on the Cromwell Volunteer Fire Department/Ambulance Service as a fire fighter/Emergency Medical Responder.  As Mayor/City Councilor I have been the financial officer responsible for obtaining a fire hall, five fire trucks and three ambulances.  Currently on Auxiliary status.

I am currently retired and enjoying my six grandchildren, which includes two sets of twins. 

 Council Member Alex French

Name: Alex French 
Phone: 218-644-3570
Email: cromwellcitycmafrench@gmail.com
Term Expires: 2026

About me: 
I moved back to Cromwell in 2020 after living in Fargo, Omaha and Duluth for the better part of a decade. My background is in accounting, focused on individual and small business tax preparation. I graduated from University of Nebraska-Omaha and now work for a CPA firm in Cloquet. I expect to have my CPA license in the summer of 2022. 

In late 2021, I was approached by Ray Lally to fill the seat vacated by Josh Hage-King. This is my first time holding public office and have no regrets about accepting the role so far. Serving on the city council is a unique opportunity to help shape the future of Cromwell as my initial term coincides with several major projects, both privately and publicly funded. My goal as a council member is to encourage both residential and commercial growth by pursuing fiscally responsible projects and making decisions that improve our quality of life.

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